Charles Wilkes

10th Reunion
Charles Wilkes                  Married: Joanne Milton
4408 Wildcat Road            Children: Todd, 3
Columbia, South Carolina  Occupation: Manager Data Processing
Since “CHS”
Received B.S at Georgia Southern. Worked as Computer Programmer and as Assistant Manager Data Processing.

50th Reunion
Since Columbia High School:

BS, Georgia Southern University, 1965
MBA, University of South Carolina, 1972

I retired from Honeywell lnternational at the end of 2003 after spending my career working in information technology and business management for companies in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

My wife is Joanne Milton Wilkes. We have two adult children and six grandchiidren. Among other activities, I spend my time researching genealogy and maintaining websites devoted to my and Joanne’s family tree and the Wilkes DNA project.

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