Tiger HeadCHS 1960 brick

Alma Mater: On the city’s western border Reared against the sky

Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years go by.

Ever Faithful is our watchword Conquer and Prevail,

‘Tis the school we love so dearly Columbia High all hail.

Class Song: “I’ll Walk with God”

Class Motto: “We’ve climbed the hill; ahead lies the mountain.”

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  1. Bobby Allen says:


  2. Judith Smith Baughn says:

    What a great party we had today! I must say we all seem to be moving a tad slower than when we graduated but you all looked beautiful to me… Rufus and Margie are special people to have put up with us all of these years but don’t we have fun???? Will always remember this reunion because it will be the one Ron got into the chocolate cake before I took it to the party! He is now on restriction!

  3. francis george says:

    really enjoyed the 53 visit it was great to see everybody

  4. francis george says:

    very nice to see everyon e apr 20 2013 had a great time best to all of you billy george

  5. fw (billy george) says:

    1001 tar landing rd evergreen nc 28438 my email is francisgeorge112@yahoo.com please everyone stay in touch my phone is 910 770 2525 the best time in a long time seeing all of you

  6. Barbara Crews Osteen says:

    Billy George,
    So sorry I missed seeing you Saturday. Thank you for your info. We will certainly
    keep in touch. Will let you know as soon as we plan another get together.

    2936 SE CR 252
    Lake City, FL 32025


  7. Julie Byrd Gafford says:

    Sad to share with you that another of our classmates died this week.
    Roy David Bagley – after heart surgery. He lived in Branford most of his
    life and leaves his wife of 48 yrs. Mary Margaret Odom Bagley, son Tim and daughter
    Karri Sullivan. Gateway-Forest Lawn Funeral Home.

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