Paul Uravich

Uravich,_Paul_Anthony_Tucious10th Reunion
Paul Uravich                    Married: Sally Fields
1900 Dawsey                  Occupation: Graduate Student/Investigator campus sec.
Tallahassee, Florida
Since “CHS”
Graduated from FSU in 1964. Entered graduate school in 1966. Entered U.S. Army, stationed at Ft. Knox, Ft. Gordon, Ft.
Hood. At present in graduate school taking 13 hours to complete Master’s Degree in Criminology & Corrections.

50th Reunion
Upon graduation from Columbia HS, this energetic. albeit naive, Lake City novice embarked upon an education at THE Florida State University. I was determined to save the world; first by becoming a psychologist who would help everyone who had a special need. Failing this, I would become a counselor working with juvenile delinquents. Surely my background would ensure success in this endeavor. Little did I realize at the time that my number was coming up in the local draft board and that I had a decision to make- Be drafted as a private E-l or sign up for officers candidate school. I chose the latter and the rest is history.

While enrolled at FSU, I held a student position with the FSU Police Department. Surely with this background and experience I would be suited for a related law enforcement position vith my new military employer. How wrong I was!!! Even after promises from my primary recruiter, I ended up as a candidate in the Armored Corp. Only after many Ietters, phone calls, and praver was I commissioned in the Military Police Corps.

I began my official law enforcement career as a Lieutenant in the Military Police Corps of the United States Army where I served as the Commanding Officer of a Criminal Investigative Detachment (CID) during the Viet Nam conflict. There were great times to be had during these years as Sally and I enjoyed the many new friends and acquaintances that we had. A career in the military was attractive and we gave it brief thought but realized we really wanted a different life style.

In 1968 I returned to the Florida State University (FSU) to finish my Masters of Science degree and accepted a position as a criminal investigator with the FSUPD. I worked my way up the ranks and was appointed Assistant Chief of Police. In 1971 I accepted the position as Chief of Police at the University of West Florida where I remained until 1973. In 1973 I accepted the position of Chief of Police at the University of South Florida where I remained until retirement in October of 2002.

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