Bob Stebbins

Stebbins Bob10th Reunion
Robert H. Stebbins                Married: Patricia Ann Stebbins
P. O. Box 186                        Children: Kimberly Liz, Tammy Kay, Robert Homer, Jr., John Wade
Alachua, Florida
Since “CHS”
Upon graduation, I completed 6 months active duty with Army National Guard. I married, went to Louisiana, New Jersey and back to Lake City. Worked at First National Bank, went into the Army in April, 1962. I have been in Korea for 13
months, Viet Nam for 2 years. I am Logistical Supply Sgt. in the Army.

Robert Homer “Bob” Stebbins
5 Dec 1942 – 25 Mar 1992
Buried: Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens, Lake City, FL

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