Linda Spradley Culbreth

Spradley,_Linda_Kay10th Reunion
Linda Spradley Culbreth            Married: Gerald Culbreth
2306 Alder Drive                      Children: Expecting in Dec.
Tallahassee, Florida                  Occupation: Housewife
Since “CHS”
Received B.S. Degree in Elementary Education from FSU. Worked as Secretary for Vocational Rehabilitation. Husband is Football Coach at Leon H.S.
25th Reunion
NAME: Linda Spradley Culbreth      OCCUPATION: Teacher
SPOUSE: Gerald Culbreth              OCCUPATION: Insurance
ADDRESS 6. PHONE: 3232 Robin Hood Road, Tallahassee, FL 32312 PH: 385-4048
NAMES S AGES OF CHILDREN: Ashley – 15, Kristen – 11
EDUCATION: B.S. – FSU (plus graduate work)
BRIEFLY DESCRIBE YOUR ACTIVITIES SINCE GRADUATION:  I have been teaching in an elementary school for 14 years. I am currently a reading specialist

50th Reunion
After graduating from CHS, I attended Chipola and graduated from Florida State University with a degree in elementary education. I met my husband, Gerald, in Tallahassee, He was a first year football coach. I started teaching and he continued to coach. We had two daughters, Ashley and Kristen. Gerald coached for fifteen years. (He had two state championships – one as an assistant and another as a head coach.) I continued to teach and he made a career change. He went into the business field in insurance/financial services. Our older daughter, Ashley, is a landscape architect and her husband, Brad, is an environmental consultant. They live in Atlanta, GA. They have two children. Ollie is 7 years and Dane is 4 years. Our younger daughter, Kristen, moved back to Tallahassee two years ago. She is a teacher and her husband, Lee, is a graphic artist. They have four children. Brannach is 13 years, Cullen is 7 years, Brody is 5 years, and baby girl, Aubrey is 8 months. I retired at age 55. Gerald continues to go to the office each day. He is lucky to be able to take time off when he wants to. We have been travel extensively. We stay busy with travel, our church, various acitivities, and clubs. We love being with our grandchildren. They keep us young (at heart at least.) We have been married for forty-four years and feel very blessed.

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