Judith Smith Baughn

Smith,_Judith_Ray10th Reunion
Judith Smith Chasteen             Married: Jerry D. Chasteen
Price Creek Road                      Children: Judith Madlynn, 5 1/2, Melissa Kelly, 1 1/2
Lake City, Florida                     Occupation: Housewife
Since “CHS”
Had a brief interlude at Stetson University. Married and lived on campus at University of South Carolina for 2.5 years; then back to Lake City. Worked most of the time.
25th Reunion
NAME:  Judith Smith Pomeroy          OCCUPATION: Registered Nurse
SPOUSE: Michael Pomeroy              OCCUPATION: Owner (A-1 Auto Body & Paint)
ADDRESS & PHONE: Rt. 12 Box 42 A, Lake City, FL 32055
NAMES & AGES OF CHILDREN: Lynn Chasteen 21, Melissa Chasteen 17, Mike Pomeroy 12
EDUCATION: BSN / University of Florida (Home 1984 SEC Champs)
JOBS HELD SINCE GRADUATION: Bank Teller – Mother – Secretary – Nurse – Mother – Nurse

50th Reunion
Would you please tell me how in the world 50 years have passed since we graduated from CHS? It seems impossible to me, yet when I look in the mirror I wonder where Judy went! I don’t know much to tell you about the last 50 years except they were marked by success, failure, success, failure. Through all of it there was One who never gave up on me and that was Jesus Christ.

After high school I went to Stetson University but was a college drop out. I was so wise at 18 I thought the smarter thing was to get married. That might be called rebellion, I am not sure. For me it was not a good decision. However, all was not for naught.

1963 brought the miraculous birth of my first daughter Lyn. What other joy could possible compete with looking into the eyes of your first born except for the eyes of my second born, Melissa, in 1967. I can honestly tell you now that I have 4 adorable granddaughters. If I had known how much fun the granddaughters were, I would have skipped the raising of my own and just gone straight for the “grands”.

In 1973, GOD made a way for me to return to college and I became a Registered Nurse. I wish not to bore you with the details but it was a true miracle, trust me ! I started my career at Lake Shore Hospital for about 3 years and then ended my nursing career of 33 years at the VA Medical Center. I received both my BSN and MN from the University of Florida. Both degrees were miracles from GOD. Probably the most fun of my whole career was working as a Nurse Practitioner for the last 14 years. I retired in 2005. However, I still manage to work 4 hours a week just to keep my hand in the practice.

I have traveled a good deal. In 1998 I went on a Mission trip to Belarus (USSR), which ultimately changed my life. I woke up to the reality of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through serving others and my life has never been the same. I guess you might even say I am one of those radical, fundamental Christians that everyone “shies” away from! Oh, but what an adventure! I would recommend it to each and every one. In the last 5 years I have been in Greece, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, France, ltaly, Jordan, Egypt, lsrael, and Nova Scotia. So, I have been busy and life has been up and down but blessed in so many ways. GOD has met every need!

That pretty much sums up the last 50 years in a nutshell. There is one new development that will take place on April 30, 2010 and is the biggest miracle of all. After 29 years I will get a new last name. I believe it is spelled Baughn and I think you all know the groom as Ron or Ronnie to some. Thanks for the memories!

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