Ronnie Pinner

Pinner,_James_Ronald_Ronnie10th Reunion
Ronald Pinner                Married: Sandra
6246 Mercer Circle E.    Children: None
Jacksonville, Florida      Occupation:Photographer
Since “CHS”
Attended Art School in Chicago 2 years, Junior College in Lake City. In Army for 3 years, two of which were spent in Germany. Presently employed by Florida Times Union as a staff photographer.

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  1. mara kurtz says:

    Ron and Sandy,
    I was married to Peter Osis and lived in Augsburg from, 1965-1967.
    If you are the right Pinners, would love to get in touch.
    Peter died in 1975, very sad story.
    I have many memories of Germany and time spent with the two of you.
    Warm regards,
    Mara (formerly Osis)

    • Ron Pinner says:

      Yes Mara, It is one and the same. I just found your post. Would love to hear from you …..there were a lot of good memories ….am sorry about Pete. leave a contact number or e-mail. You will find bothy on………….. Just restarted my photo business and now also minister God’s word when doors open…. looking forward to visit. Sandy also passed away and that too was sad….stay safe….until I hear from you. Be Blessed, Ron

  2. Mara Kurtz says:

    Ron it’s Mara. Let me know if you get this please.

  3. Mara Kurtz says:

    Ron it’s Mara. Please call me if you get this.

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