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Lopez,_Charles_Thomas10th Reunion
Charles T. (Skipper) Lopez               Married: Penny J.
3967 S. Pearl Sts                             Children: None
Englewoods Colorado 80110               Occupation: Security Police Supervisor – Colo ANG GS-07
Since “CHS”:
After graduation I went to work for the Florida State Road Department for a period of 9 months. I then joined the USAF. I was stationed at MacDill AFB, Lowry AFB, and Homestead AFB. Upon separation I returned to Colo. and gained employment with the Colorado ANG. In January of 1968 I and my comrades in the Guard were recalled to active duty for a 2 year period. We have since been released from our commitment with Uncles and are back on our old jobs.
25th Reunion
NAME: CHARLES T. LOPEZ (SKIPPER)           OCCUPATION: US Air Force – Chief Master Sergeant (E-9)
SPOUSE:                                                OCCUPATION:
ADDRESS & PHONE: PSC Box 3548, APO S.F. 96264
NAMES & AGES OF CHILDREN: Scott T. – 8, Shannon – 5
EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science
JOBS HELD SINCE GRADUATION: USAF, 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, Senior Enlisted Advisor. Chief Enlisted Manager for Security Police Squadron
I have been married twice, divorced twice, travelled all over the U.S. and throughout the Far East and have had one helluva good time! Will be in Lake City in July – hope to see some of you!

50th Reunion

I graduated from Columbia High School, May 7, 1960 with the greatest group (family) of people I have ever known. After graduation I worked for my Dad and many other odd jobs around town. I finally got hired by the State Road Department along with Mike Collins, Billy George, Paul Barcia, Buddy Miles and countless others. Like the rest I started out as the low man on the totem pole, a chain man (not chain gang) on a survey group. After about a year of this Billy George and I decided we were going to join the Air Force and I did. Did you notice I said I, not we. Billy was medically disqualified and I went alone. I officially enlisted in the United States Air Force on September 19, 1961 and departed that day for Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas to begin basic training. At the end of our fifth week of basic training we received our assignments for the career field we were going to work in for the next four years. Of course my luck being what it is, I was assigned to the Air Police (Military Police for the Army). Three weets later, after graduation from basic training, I was loaded onto a bus (with 15 others from my basic training flight) and transported to the other side of the base to begin eight weeks of Air Police training. I graduated from Air Police training on December 28, 1961 and was lucky enough to make it home for News Year Eve and a party out at Ocean Pond at Charlotte Arnold’s parent’s cabin.

My first assignment was with the 306th Combat Defense Squadron, Strategic Air Command (SAC), MacDill AFB, FL. I was at MacDill during the Cuban Crisis and worked more hours than I want to remember. After 2-3 weeks all personnel and aircraft were reassigned to Hunter AFB, Savannah, GA where we remained until the crisis was over. In February 1963 I was re-assigned to the 451st Strategic Missile Wing, SAC, Lowry Air Force Base, Colorado. In June 1965 I was transferred to the 19th Combat Defense Squadron, Homestead AFB, FL where I remained until I was discharged in June 1966.

After being discharged from the Air Force I moved back to Colorado and went to work for the 140th Tactical Fighter Wing, Colorado Air National Guard, Buckley Air National Guard Base, Aurora CO. In July 1966 I was hired as a full time civil service Security Police Technician. In January 1968 the entire Wing was ordered to active dufy in support of the Pueblo Crisis. I was sent to McConnell AFB, Kansas where I was a Security and Law Enforcement Flight Chief for four months and then assigned duties as Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of all Security Police Training. In April 1969 we were all released from active duty and I returned home to Colorado.

In March of 1977 I applied for a four year special active duty assignment with the Air Force and was accepted in June 1977. I was offered the opportunity to stay on active duty and accepted the offer in August of 1979 and re-enlisted.

In July 1999 I retired from the Air Force and started teaching Air Force Jr. ROTC at Houston County High School in Warner Robins, Georgia. In October 1999 I was selected for a Special Agent position developing facility security risk management analysis procedures for the Federal Aviation Administration at their National Headquarters in Washington DC. I stayed in DC from October 1999 until July 2001 when I was offered a position in Jacksonville, FL. I am responsible for securiry risk management analysis (conducting assessments and inspections) for 42 FAA facilities throughout Florida. We have been here since August 2001 and don’t intend to leave Florida again, except to visit my grand children. My only other move will be to come home to Lake City someday and finish out the rest of my life close to those I love. . . family and friends.

The following is a list of where I have been from September 1961 to present:

09/61 – 12/61, Lackland AFB, Texas (AF Basic Training and Air Police School)
01/62 – 02/63, MacDill AFB, Florida
02/63 – 06/65, Lowry AFB, Colorado
06/65 – 07/67, Homestead AFB, Florida
07/67 – 06/77, Buckley ANG Base, Colorado
06/77 – 08/77, Lackland AFB, Texas (Attending Air Base Ground Defense training)
08/77 – 08/78, Kunsan AB, Korea
08/78 – 06/87, Kirtland AFB, New Mexico
06/81 – 08/84, Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii
08/84 – 08/85, Kunsan AB, Korea
08/85 – 08/87, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio
08/87 – 08/88, Kunsan AB, Korea
08/88 – 08/90, Peterson AFB, Colorado
08/90 – 08/92, Osan AB, Korea
08/92 – 08/94. Little Rock AFB, Arkansas
08/94 – 11/97, Kirtland AFB, New Mexico
11/97 – 07/99, Eg1in AFB, FL
07/99 – Retired from the Air Force
07/99 – 10/99, Wamer Robins, Georgia ( Teaching AFROTC at Houston County High School)
10/99 – 08/01, Federal Aviation Administration Headquarters, Washington, DC
08/01 – Present, FAA Security Risk Management Analysis, Jaclsonville, Florida

Thanks to the US Air Force here is what I was able to accomplish to further my education, although I have to admit it took me a long time to do it.

– 1973, Associate Degree in Automotive Mechanics, Community College of Denver at Red Rocks
– 1983, Associate Degree in Police Science, Community College of the Air Force
– 1984, Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Education with Majors in Business Administration and Police Science
– 1992, Associate Degree in Industrial Security, Community College of the Air Force

A little bit about my family. I am married to the former Kim, Kum Sun (the u’s are pronounced as double o’s, Koom Soon or you can call her Kim) of Mokpo, South Korea.

The rest of the brood is listed below:

Son: Scott, Daughter-in-law: Bethany, Grand daughter: Jennifer, Grand sons: Scott Jr. & Landon
Daughter: Shannon, Son-in-law: Lee, Grand daughter, Madison, Grand son: Jacob.
Step daughter: Geea, Grand son: Sajin
Step son: Heeuk

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  1. Craig says:

    Do you happen to have a yearbook from 1961 Lackland – BMT / Air Police Training? My father was there for the same training in 1961 but I don’t have specific details regarding Squadron or flight.

  2. John Bowman says:

    Hey, Skip:

    I hope you remember me. I served with you at Lowry AFB in 1964-65. I was in the room right next door to you and Shorty. I transferred to Malmstrom AFB and separated in January 1967 as an E-4 Airman First Class.

    I read your bio. You have had quite a career. If you reply to this email, I’ll tell you about what I’ve been up to for the last fifty years or so.

    Your friend, John Bowman

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