Charlene Howard Cappellini

Howard,_Charlene10th Reunion
Charlene Howard              Married: Terry J. Coppellini
5822 N. Meadows Blvd.    Children: None
Columbus, Ohio               Occupation: Teacher
Since “CHS”
Four years of college at FSU – 2 years in Orlando – 1 year of study (grad.) in Florence, Italy -1 year at F.S.U. in Tallahassee
Married January 21, 1968 – Moved to Statesboro, Ga. for one year and then to Columbus, Ohio.
25th Reunion
NAME: Charlene Howard Cappellini                OCCUPATION: Drama Teacher
SPOUSE: Terry J. Cappellini                          OCCUPATION: Management Consultant
ADDRESS & PHONE: 423 Locksley Lane, Tallahassee, FL 32312
NAMES & AGES OF CHILDREN: Have one daughter
EDUCATION: M.A. in English, Masters in Lib. Science, presently working on Masters in Theatre part-time.
JOBS HELD SINCE GRADUATION: English teacher; media specialist/librarian
BRIEFLY DESCRIBE YOUR ACTIVITIES SINCE GRADUATION:  Taught in Orlando; FSU program in Florence, Italy; taught at Ga. Southern; Taught in Columbus, Ohio; 1970-moved back to Tallahassee

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