Linda Duren Feldsher

50th Reunion

Linda Duren Feldsher (Short Biography)

I actually graduated from high school in Jacksonville, but attended school through eleventh grade at Columbia High.

After high school I went to BYU in Provo, Utah, for two years then transferred to UF, graduating in education (since I hoped to marry and raise kids, and that would be a job I could do and still have time home with my children when they were in school.) Part of that did work out, but I have spent a lot longer time than I had planned teaching school. This is my last year before retiring.

I have two children, both living in California, so I get to go visit two or three times a year. (Yes, I do love the summers off, two weeks at Christmas, and a week of spring break.) I now have a little grandson who is almost two years old. What ajoy!

My traveling has been almost entirely in the United States. I took my kids across the U.S. mostly by train (so they could actually see the country) when they were eight and fifteen, and that is how I ended up having them both in California now. My son loved California even at that age, went to graduate school in San Diego, then eventually took a job in Northern California. (Too bad I didn’t just take them to the Appalachian Mts. and back!) You never know how one seemingly small decision can have a major effect in our lives.

Most of my married life was spent in Baltimore, Md. About eleven years ago I moved back to Lake City and took a job teaching ESE (special ed.) in Lake Butler. This has been a very good place to teach. I like the rural, small town environment far better than the inner city where I was teaching in Maryland. The drive is far easier (and more interesting). We often see wild turkeys, deer, and other wildlife (some dead and some alive).

Now for my new hobby! I have a wonderful sit-on-top kayak and love going up and down the rivers on it. I kept my old one, so if anyone wants to go, it can be arranged. I love sharing the fun and beauty with others, so please let me know if you would like to go. Tubing is fun, but you sit too low in the water to see the bottom and miss a lot that way. Also, kayakers can go in the winter, which is great without the crowds.

I have a great deal to be thankful for, especially my family and the health to still enjoy my life. I hope to see many old friends at our class reunion and beyond.

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