Hugh Dampier

Dampier,_Hugh10th Reunion
Hugh E. Dampier                Married: Shirley Ann
428 S. Alachua                  Children: One – Christopher Hugh – Age 3 – Expecting another Aug. 1969
Lake City, Fla.                   Occupation: Sales Manager
Since “CHS”
Joined U.S. Air Force shortly after graduation. Spent 4 fast years seeing the world. Came back home. Joined firm I am presently with. Got married Nov. 1965. I am learning now to be a parent.
25th Reunion
NAME: HUGH E. DAMPIER                OCCUPATION: Minister
SPOUSE: Shirley A. (Sexton)          OCCUPATION: Elementary School Teacher
ADDRESS & PHONE: 2306 Stockbridge Ct., Arlington, TX 76015 PH: 817/860-4034
NAMES & AGES OF CHILDREN: Christopher – 18, Christina – 15
EDUCATION: Bachelor of Ministry in Theology, Master of Divinity
JOBS HELD SINCE GRADUATION: Sales, Management, Maintenance, Purchasing agent and pastor
BRIEFLY DESCRIBE YOUR ACTIVITIES SINCE GRADUATION:  U.S.A.F. 1960-65, Orange State Pipe Co. 65-75, educational preparation for Christian ministry 75-84.

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  1. Hugh Dampier says:

    Shirley and I have retired, living in Lake City at 135 SE Willow Dr. 32025
    I stay busy as Interim Pastor, Papa, and various projects.

    Sorry we will miss 55th Reunion, we will be on a trip to Britain, Scotland and Ireland. Our 50th Wedding Anniversary gift to ourselves.

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