Adele Crawford Hubbell

Crawford,_Adele 10th Reunion
Adele Ellen Crawford          Married: Carl D. Hubbell
3540 Yosemite St.               Children: Prentice – 4 yrs., Robert – 1.5 yrs.
San Deigo, Calif. 92109      Occupation: X-Ray Tech.
Since “CHS”:
After graduating from X-ray training, I moved to Colorado where I worked in Aspen for the summer; then went back to school; then to La Jolla, California where I met my husband who is a chief in the Navy. Due to the distance, I do not believe I could come to a reunion. My Best Wishes to Everyone!


50th Reunion

Hello Class of 1960

My name is Adele Crawford Hubbell. After graduating from Columbia High I went to Baptist Memorial Hospital, studied and became a registered x-ray Technician. I retumed to San Diego and took a job in La Jolla, at Scripps Hospital & Clinic. I have worked and taught from St. Luke Hospital in Jacksonville to Honolulu Hawaii for twenty years. My husband is retired Navy, so we have been blessed to travel and live is some great place.

This is a few of the high points.

When one of my sisters got married on the Yukon River there were ten of us that floated from Eagle to Circle Alaska. My two boys were eleven and fourteen and one of my sisters children were ten, eleven and twelve. Fifteen family members went to the Gallops Islands when my boys and my sister’s children graduated from college.

In 1989 my Mother and I retumed to China where Mother lived for five years as a child. We were able to get out of Beijing the day before the shooting started. I have never seen so many people in one place that were in Tiananmen Sq.

We have gone to Costa Rica and Mexico several times to study Spanish, as many people in this area only speak Spanish.

Last year we took our two grandsons to the Atlantis in the Bahamas. That has to be one of the best places to take a vacation with young children.

We have done several hiking trips in Europe.

I hope to see everyone in April.

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