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Carpenter,_Mary_Ann10th Reunion
Mary Ann Carpenter Married: Rodney Nettles
Rt. 1, Box 349 Children: John – 5 yrs. Teresa – 1 yr.
Gainesville, Fla. 32601 Occupation: Housewife
Since “CHS”:
Work, Work, Work! Started with Medical Center in 1960 as a clerk & worked up to Unit Manager of same dept. Next took job with Anderson Surgical which deals in hospital supplies. I still work part-time with them – only when I’m needed. Now, I’m a happy housewife!


50th Reunion

Hello friends and classmates in this our 50th class reunion, 2010. Just a short letter to let you know some of what has happened in my life since 1960. First, I want to say I have a great husband, Rodney. 2 children (John and LaVoye), who also graduated from Columbia High and 9 wonderful grandchildren.

After graduation I moved to Gainesville with my husband Rodney where we both went to work. I worked at Shands Hospital from 1960-1965 in the medical supply department and after a year became its manager. I wanted to enter the Uof F’s Operating Room Tech course after graduating but missed it by 2 days so I was given the opportunity of this opening in the medical supply dept. until the next year. WelI, needless to say, I loved it and never looked back.

I was employed with a large Florida medical supply company, A Shands Medical Purchasing Agent, the Director of Materiel’s Management when North Florida Regional opened in 1973, A Consultant for NFRH to their various hospitals within the U.S. and Europe, The Director of Materiel’s Management US/UK at the King Faisal Medical Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

I won’t bore you any longer but will add the following as I sum up my life,(some words copied from a song). I am very thankful for the way it has turned out and blessed in more ways than I can explain. Not wealth, but health and happiness.

I have crossed so many rivers
As I’ve roamed upon this earth.
I have seen a world of wonders.
I have seen mighty mountains and
Walked in valleys filled with clover
And saw canyons filled with snow.
I have know the bliss of springtime,
Smelled the roses on the vine.
Seen the golden leaves of autumn
And tasted grapes upon the vine.
I have known the chill of winter
And a flock of birds in flight.
I have traveled to some countries
That took me far away from home.
I have used the gift of wisdom
And many lessons,I did learn.
I have lived a life of challenge and
Happy for the experience of it all.

My apologies to CHS teachers who read this, knowing I lack the proper punctuation marks, i.e. :;,.”’!? HOW did I graduate? But,I got 50 yrs. on one page!.. HELL0!

My love to all of you.
Mary Ann Carpenter Nettles

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