Bob Blanton

Blanton,_Robert10th Reunion
Robert V. Blanton      Married: Marilene
Route 1                     Children: Renee – 2 yrs.
Sycamore, Georgia    Occupation: Purchasing Agent
Since “CHS”:
Worked 5 yrs. for Piedmont Mobile Homes. I have been with Guerdon Industries one year, located in Ashburn Georgia.

25th Reunion
OCCUPATION: General Mgr Mobile Home Plant
SPOUSE: N/A                OCCUPATION:
ADDRESS & PHONE: P.O. Box 761, Ashburn, GA 31714 HOME PH: 912-567-9554
WORK PH: 912-567-3475
NAMES & AGES OF CHILDREN: Renee – 17 yrs; Karen – 12 yrs
EDUCATION: AA – North Fla. Jr. College
JOBS HELD SINCE GRADUATION: Piedmont Homes, Lake City 1963-68; Guerdon,Ind., Ashburn, GA 1968-74; All American, Ashburn, GA 1974-84;Am.Lvs.81 BRIEFLY DESCRIBE YOUR ACTIVITIES SINCE GRADUATION:
Work in Mobile Home Business – Married & divorced twice.

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